The Kit

The Hoppa Street Buggy offers Fun in the Sun motoring, allowing you to stand out in the crowd while letting your individual taste and style to shine through.

Kitcar Construction

To start a basic Kitcar build you would need to obtain an old VW Beetle with torsion bar suspension. Then, remove the body down to the chassis, the chassis would then need to be shortened by 400mm from behind the handbrake area and strengthened with a spaceframe. We can offer a service to do this or VW specialists can also do this for you. It’s then a case of bolting the Hoppa Street Buggy fibreglass bodyshell to the spaceframe and building the vehicle up to your requirements.

All suspension, engine and transmission, along with steering, electrics and switches can be carried over from a donor vehicle.

The Hoppa Street Buggy is left or right hand drive! The difference is a cutout for the steering wheel column during construction, no problem!

Rather than a “box of parts” ready for assembly, we provide the parts on the Price Lists, allowing you to build the Hoppa Street Buggy to your own specification, time and budget.

We offer:

  • GRP Body Shell
  • Body Shell with extra thickness
  • Body Shell – blocked and primed
  • Body Shell – blocked, primed, clear over base finished (not recommended before pre-fitting and test)
  • Floor shortening and mechanical fit
  • Space Frame manufacture and supply

The Hoppa Street Buggy body shell consists of:

  • Main body shell from the mould with flashings and sharp corners removed
  • Bonnet lid
  • Boot/engine cover lid
  • Instrument panel top cover


  • Inner front bonnet/petrol tank liner
  • Rear boot liner
  • Four inner wheel arch liners
  • Left hand interior trim panel
  • Right hand interior trim panel
  • Rear interior trim panel
  • Centre Console

Whatever your requirement – Talk to us.

Download Price List

Hoppa Street Buggy has original VW Beetle mechanicals and floor shortened by 400mm. All parts and extras can be obtained from reputable VW replacement and new retailers (we can advise).

Length 3.20m
Width (Front) 1.60m
Width (Rear) 1.69m
Height 1.00m
Wheelbase 2.00m