What is the Hoppa Street Buggy?

The Hoppa Street Buggy is a “Fun Car” based on the air-cooled VW Beetle.

If I have an old Beetle, how much of it can I use?

All of the mechanicals and electrics, however once the body is removed the underfloor and tunnel needs to be shortened by 400mm.

Can I buy a ‘floor’ already cut and ready to use?

Yes, we at Hoppa Street Buggy offer this service.

Can I just bolt the body to the floorpan?

No, Hoppa Street Buggy would advise that a spaceframe is also needed for added stability. Some beach buggies did not find it necessary, however a body kit with thicker laminated shell and stiffened areas for people that may prefer this approach is offered.

Can Hoppa Street Buggy supply a spaceframe?


Can I use the Beetle windscreen?

No, the windscreen and rubber comes from a Fiat 126 air-cooled, most screen fitters can supply this.

What other parts from other cars do I need?

Only the hinges for the bonnet and boot. They are from the original Mini doors and can be bought off the shelf from Mini aftermarket suppliers.

What about interior panels?

Hoppa Street Buggy can supply GRP panels that can be sprayed or covered. The design of the panels reflect the theme of the exterior.

Is there a roof?

Both hard roof and a soft folding top are currently under development.

Do I need to make changes to the engine?

It is entirely up to you, there is enough room in the boot for almost any engine.

I don’t like the Beetle’s wheels, what should I fit?

It is your choice, just remember that if you increase or decrease the overall diameter of the tyre, it may affect your speedo reading also note number of studs and PCD but along with wheel offset, can be solved with the use of spacers.

What else would you recommend to complete my Hoppa Street Buggy?

That really good finishing touch would be our unique Centre Console which goes over the handbrake lever and gearshift lever and gives opportunity to fit extra dials or switches.

How much does Hoppa Street Buggy cost?

A basic Body Kit depends entirely upon your requirements, however the cost may depend on your own expertise, enthusiasm, friends and resources. It is a project that can be built on, changed, upgraded or ‘buy it as you build’ – totally your choice. Talk to us and we will try turning your dream into reality.

Hoppa Street Buggy splash

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