About Us

The Hoppa Street Buggy company was set up to continue the manufacture of Hoppa Son of a Beach.

Operating now from Devon, all the workforce is local.

Design & Development

The Hoppa Street Buggy retains many of the original features from the Award Winning Hoppa Son of a Beach ‘Concept’.

With expertise in the automotive field and together with over 30 years experience, the Hoppa Team have developed the Street Buggy further to allow wider accesibility in the market place.


The body shells are produced by a company with a proven track record in supplying GRP components to the motor industry. Commitment to quality and high standards, the company is no stranger to the specialist car market.

Contact Details:

  • t: +44 (0) 777 9079 034
  • e: details[at]hoppastreetbuggy.com